13 ianuarie 2012

My feedback on AI-class :)


I would like to say that the AI-CLASS was a great experience for me due to the fact i have no previous knowledge in this field. It had definitely arouse my curiosity for more and more learning especially in the fields of game theory and natural language processing:)

This online course differed from our traditional courses in a number of ways. First of all, as a student in 4th year at a CS faculty, i am not used to understand things so easily, from the first explanation. I used to go at one faculty course, write a lot, in a formal manner, without understanding it from first class. Most of the times, i was really understanding things before an exam or when implementing a homework. However, in AI-CLASS i was amazed to see myself grasping things from the first video, because the explanations were very approachable and easy to understand.

Another advantage of online learning was that i could have the course anytime, and i could pause it anytime if i wanted. Homeworks were not so time-demanding and also exams had plenty of time to get solved.

However i would like to suggest something. I think programming is still required and i would not have been bothered if we had more programming exercises such it was the NLP exercise at the end (either they be graded on not). I know it was a course of AI, but also an attached lab with some exercise could have been excellent:)

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this online learning experience and i'm looking forward to participating in next courses!....

A., Romania

08 ianuarie 2012

UPB demo...

La aceasta adresa este disponibila (momentan) prima mea aplicatie in php:)
Nu e perfecta, ii lipsesc cateva lucruri legate de securitate, dar e functionala.

Principalele functionalitati sunt:
  • pentru studenti: completare contract de studii, vizualizare situatie scolara, vizualizare orar si calendar de examene, mesageria cu profesorii;
  • pentru secretari: stabilirea grupelor de studii, a orarului si a calendarului de examene;
  • pentru cadre didactice: completare note, mesageria cu studentii, iar pentru cadru didactic - stabilire plan de invatamant si repartizari;

Exista si cateva conturi de administrator ce se ocupa cu gestiunea utilizatorilor.

Momentan exista o astfel de aplicatie web pentru UPB care se afla la adresa http://studenti.pub.ro , dar cu functionalitati mai reduse.
codul sursa aici

05 ianuarie 2012

Mergesort in MPI, OpenMP & pthread

Ok, promit ca e ultima data cand mai scriu despre sortari!
Despre Mergesort (simplu) prima data am scris aici[1]; apoi a urmat prezentarea despre Mergesort paralel, cu o "incercare" de implementare in MPI[2]; astazi, o scurta prezentare despre cele 3 modele de programare paralela (MPI, OpenMP si pthread) impreuna cu programele implementate [3].
Gata, e ultima data cand scriu despre Mergesort!

[1] http://boomblebee.blogspot.com/2010/03/merge-sort.html
[2] http://boomblebee.blogspot.com/2011/01/mergesort-paralel.html
[3] link dropbox