13 ianuarie 2012

My feedback on AI-class :)


I would like to say that the AI-CLASS was a great experience for me due to the fact i have no previous knowledge in this field. It had definitely arouse my curiosity for more and more learning especially in the fields of game theory and natural language processing:)

This online course differed from our traditional courses in a number of ways. First of all, as a student in 4th year at a CS faculty, i am not used to understand things so easily, from the first explanation. I used to go at one faculty course, write a lot, in a formal manner, without understanding it from first class. Most of the times, i was really understanding things before an exam or when implementing a homework. However, in AI-CLASS i was amazed to see myself grasping things from the first video, because the explanations were very approachable and easy to understand.

Another advantage of online learning was that i could have the course anytime, and i could pause it anytime if i wanted. Homeworks were not so time-demanding and also exams had plenty of time to get solved.

However i would like to suggest something. I think programming is still required and i would not have been bothered if we had more programming exercises such it was the NLP exercise at the end (either they be graded on not). I know it was a course of AI, but also an attached lab with some exercise could have been excellent:)

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this online learning experience and i'm looking forward to participating in next courses!....

A., Romania