14 iunie 2013

Story of the Horse

I will tell the story of the Horse.

I was fixing a bug with logo & slogan upload for a company, which I heard it didn't work to change the logo. I had millions of tabs open and I couldn't distinguish between online & local anymore. I took a random GOLD company from online and checked it locally - but when I changed the logo (with a horse pic) I noticed I was online.. ooops. Let's change it. I tried to put the original logo back, but it wasn't taking effect...

Why a horse? It the beginning I wanted to put something nasty. Because I was annoyed that again I have this re-occurring bug and it's not pleasant. But with the horse on my mind all tempered.

Spent hours trying & trying to modify the company's logo and get rid of the horse. Locally it was working perfectly, but online not. At the end of the yesterday, I ended up deleting the logo, but planned to fix it asap on today.

The logo was delivered differently by the CDN in regard to whether you are logged in in FDQ or not. This was my impression. In Chrome I was logged in and seeing normally after changing the logo with the real one, in Mozilla I was seeing the horse, being unlogged. The same picture url. This is freakish... Had to tell to the boss.

I took the link of the pic separately and showed it to him. Of course I didn't show the company's profile ...

... but only the link of the picture alone :D So that he doesn't see my mistake. But boss saw the normal logo in both cases! again weird... but I was a little relieved. Maybe the bug fixed itself as weirdly as it appeared.

At a moment, boss wanted to send stg to the Senior guy Cristi and sent by mistake the link of this logo - horse. And Cristi opened the link and said:
- Hahahaha... what's up with this horse??

All laughed. 2 of the colleagues knew about this strange bug before and how much I was testing how they see in their computers. Cause I couldn't explain myself. A same picture url to be seen differently in different browsers:))))))

Then Cristi saw by the link it's the logo of an important FDQ gold member. This thing is sensitive because actually those Gold members pay thousands of euro to stay the first on the list and they got annoyed with anything disturbing  - example - if others have logo and their company logo is not there, they freak.

Cristi opened the directory and saw the famous company GUILMIN SARL with a horse picture attached:)))))))))))) all laughed:)))))))) I laughed:)))))))))) boss laughed:)))))))))) boss said: If Guilmin Sarl see this he  will kill us all... :)))))))))))))

The boss said: So this is how you are testing??? To this guy you put a horse, to next company you put a monkey , and so on........ Oh my god GG :)))))))))))))))

I explained it was a mistake:)))))))))))))))

In the end: nothing is deterministic!!!!! The rule of cause and effect doesn't always work.

Concluding the story with some Horse certificates:

12 iunie 2013

Crontab settings

Listare: crontab -l 
Editare: crontab -e

Linia de crontab:
{minut} {ora} {zi din luna} {luna} {zi din saptamana} comanda

0 23 18 * * fordaq.sh -environment -eurostat
#pentru a rula in o data pe luna in data de 18 la ora 23:00

0 19 1-7 * 0 fordaq.sh -environment -scmgroup
# ruleaza in prima duminica a lunii (una din zilele 1-7), de la ora 19:00
surse: wiki , www

05 iunie 2013


VLOOKUP este folosit pentru a simula o cheie externă între 2 tabele din Excel.
Sintaxa: =vlookup(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup])
  • lookup_value valoarea căutată - poate fi valoare fixă / valoarea unei celule (definită static / dinamic) . Ex. $A$1:$A$10 - în principiu, celula A1A10, dar dacă se face dragging în jos, A1A10 se ajustează automat la A1A11, etc.
  • table_array „tabelul” în care se face corespondența, dat prin coordonatele colțul stânga sus - colțul dreapta jos. Ex. $K$5:$L$203 (dinamic)
  • col_index coloana din table_array de unde se ia rezultatul (scalar)
  • range_lookup True - approximate match, False - exact match .
Valoarea găsită în table_array, la coloana col_index al elementului corespondent lookup_value, căutat în întreg tabelul table_array așa cum a fost el definit, este inserat în celula în care a fost scrisă formula.

02 iunie 2013

Rezolvare problemă Windows not genuine & ecranul negru

1. Deschideți cmd și scrieți următoarea comandă: slmgr -rearm
Se va deschide o ferăstruică, dați ok și restartați imediat.

2. După restartare, deschideți din nou cmd și scrieți: slmgr -ato
La fel ca înainte, se dă ok, restartați imediat.

3. După cea de-a doua restartare, schimbați fundalul cu imaginea dorită. Mesajele de Windows not genuine nu ar mai trebui să apară.

4. Deschideți Windows Explorer - Computer - Properties.
Verificați ce scrie jos, la Windows activation. Dacă apare că Windows este valid pentru 30 de zile sau asemănător, descărcați executabilul de la linkul de mai jos (este safe!). Altfel, procesul se încheie aici :)
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24465060/win.activator.exe

5. Porniți executabilul tocmai descărcat și fără a schimba vreo opțiune sau bifa chestii, apăsați install. Reporniți sistemul (restart).

6. După repornire repetați pasul 4 . În mod normal acum va trebui să scrie Windows is activated alături de un Product ID. Dacă scrie No information available sau asemănător, repetați acest pas după 5-10 minute. În niciun caz nu ar mai trebui să apară valid pentru 30 de zile.